Splash Damage Case Study: Mental Health Awareness Training

Monday, May 23 2022
Written By: Poppy Millett
In 2019, Luminate began their employee wellbeing programme at Splash Damage, a leading, London-based gaming company. Since then, we have seen their staff through several lockdowns and significant, positive culture change!


case study

“People started to be honest and vulnerable with their line managers,” said HR Advisor, Emily Laws, “Splash Damage started having conversations about mental health and wellbeing that were unimaginable just a couple of years before.”

A result, we believe, of consistency: the consistent support available for Splash Damage staff (i.e. conducting regular wellbeing check-ins, as opposed to running the occasional, one-off webinar) and the consistency of the messaging from their HR Team and leaders.

Both made possible by Splash Damage’s flagship Mental Health Awareness training programme. A course taken by all of the organisation’s managers (that's 180 people and counting) that enables appropriate and genuinely supportive conversation about mental health in the workplace...

Find out more in the case study below.

Download Case Study


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