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Yoga Classes

Workplace yoga classes designed to help your employees find balance, energy, focus and calm.

The benefits of yoga go far beyond improving flexibility and strength - yoga is about making time to connect with ourselves and nurture both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether it's an introductory or more advanced session, Luminate’s classes don’t focus on what positions we can or can't get into, but on mindfulness, self-care, and feel-good fitness.

We offer seven different styles of yoga to suit your employees’ needs and level of experience.

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Types Of Yoga


Gentle chair yoga (30 minutes)
Express yoga (30 minutes)
Yoga Nidra (45 minutes)
Restorative yoga (45 minutes)
Mindful yoga flow (60 minutes)


Yoga HIIT (45 minutes)
Power flow yoga (60 minutes)



Sessions last between 30 minutes and 1-hour dependant on the style of yoga requested.


• Virtual yoga sessions are hosted live via zoom (or a similar platform) by one of Luminate’s yoga instructors
• We can accommodate groups of up to 100


• Delivered live, in your workplace, by one of Luminate’s yoga instructors
• We can accommodate groups both large and small, dependent on the space available at your workplace
• Face to face yoga classes are only available to purchase in blocks of 6 sessions


Who is this service for?

These sessions are designed for the workplace and are suitable for staff at all levels.

We're always here to talk. Get in touch to learn more about Luminate's services. 
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