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Wellbeing For Working Parents

There is a mass of information out there on raising children but, oftentimes, taking care of ourselves is a part of the parenting puzzle that's neglected.

This can be the case when we couple raising children with a challenging job. All of a sudden, our lives centre around meeting the needs of another human being, so much so, that it’s all too easy to neglect our own.

In this session, we look at how working parents can create a better sense of wellbeing for themselves and overcome the feelings of guilt and overwhelm that often come with this territory.


Webinars/Seminars: 60-minutes (for groups of up to 100)
Interactive workshops: 90-minutes (for groups of up to 16)


• Happy parent, happy child
• Managing conflicting priorities and dropping the ball (sometimes)
• Dealing with perfectionism, guilt, and overwhelm
• Self-care tips for working parents


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