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Wellbeing Champion Training

Giving individuals the tools to truly advocate for good mental health at work and play a key role in creating a culture of wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Champion course works with a group of self-nominated employees to create a team of wellbeing advocates within your organisation.

We aim to equip your Champions with the confidence and knowledge to model healthy behaviours, promote the organisation’s wellbeing activities and support colleagues who may be struggling.

Wellbeing Champions will learn how to proactively look after one’s wellbeing, how to have effective conversations around mental health, what the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health are, and where to signpost an at-risk colleague.

Available for groups of up to 16*

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Course Structure

Learning is interactive and involves a combination of presentation, group discussion, group exercises, and individual activities.

1, An introduction to mental health
2. Spotting the signs of poor mental health
3. Understanding stress & burnout
4. Mental health illnesses in detail
5. Supporting others with mental health illnesses
6. Creating a workplace culture that encourages good mental health
7. Creating ideas for organisational initiatives
8. Understanding the boundaries of your role
9. Resources and further reading

The course also includes a digital handbook for the wellbeing champion to refer to during and after their training is complete.




Virtual delivery can accommodate groups of up to 16.


This is a 5-hour course, split into 2 modules:
2x  2.5-hour live, facilitator-led sessions. Hosted via video-conference.


This a 4-hour course, split into 2 modules:
1-hour online learning module. To be completed before live session
3-hour live facilitator-led session. Hosted via video-conference



Face to face delivery can accommodate groups of up to 12.


This is a 7-hour course delivered live, in your workspace by one of Luminate’s experienced facilitators.
Breaks are built into this full day course.


This is a 4-hour course delivered live, in your workspace by one of Luminate’s experienced facilitators.
Breaks are built into this morning or afternoon course.


Who is this training for?

This training suitable is for staff at all levels with an active interest in mental health and wellbeing. We recommend that workplace wellbeing champions are self-nominated.

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