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Understanding Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of ways in which people think, learn, and relate to others. It is estimated that 20% of the population are neurodivergent.

In a world designed for neurotypical people, day-to-day life for somebody who is neurodivergent can be more difficult and stressful, as they navigate spaces that are unaccommodating of their style of thinking and learning. This can put extra stressors on people, leading to poorer mental health over time.

In this session, we develop our understanding of how we can better support our neurodivergent colleagues and celebrate these differences in thinking.


Webinars/Seminars: 60-minutes (for groups of up to 100)
Interactive workshops: 90-minutes (for groups of up to 16)


• What is neurodiversity?
• How do neurological conditions affect the way we work?
• How can we support & celebrate diversity at work?

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