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Nutrition Sessions

We are faced with a barrage of messages in the media about what we should and should not be eating, but our nutrition workshops aim to cut through the noise and provide accessible, achievable advice on building a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Created and delivered by Nutritionist and Chef, Sam Hamrebtan, our nutrition-focused sessions take a sustainable approach to building a healthier, happier version of self through food, whilst taking into account the challenges our busy lives present us when trying to eat well.

From eating to improve our energy levels, our clarity of mind, our mood (yes, you can ‘eat happy’) or to balance hormonal changes, our workshops use nutrition as a tool to get the most out of life.


•  Nutrition 101
•  Eating for energy and productivity
•  Eating for mood and resilience
•  Nutrition for thinking and focus
•  Nourishing nutrition for female health
•  Body positivity and intuitive eating
•  Eating for the menopause
•  Eat well for less
•  Nutrition hacks for busy families

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