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Nutrition for Thinking and Focus

Your brain is always ‘on’ – taking care of everything from breathing to coordinating our movement. This is its base level of performance, but to supercharge our thinking and focus we need to make sure we provide it with a regular supply of the right fuel.

This fuel comes in the form of different micronutrients available in foods and incorporating them into your diet daily will ensure your brain can be at your best every day.

In this session, we explore the foods that protect against cognitive decline, providing a plan to help boost your brain power, and aid thinking and focus.


Webinars/Seminars: 60-minutes (for groups of up to 100)
Workshops: 90-minutes (for groups of up to 16)


• The gut-brain connection
• Fuelling the brain effectively
• Foods that support our brain
• Creating a focus action plan

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