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Yoga, Mindfulness & Guided Meditations

Courses and one-off sessions designed to help reduce stress, reduce the risk of mental illness, and help attendees find a more mindful way of living and working.

Developing a regular mindful practice can help improve your employees’ resilience, emotional regulation, working memory, ability to focus, and even immunity.

Help your team find a more mindful way of living and working with Luminate’s support. We offer:

 Guided meditations
 Yoga classes
 6-week mindfulness course

The above sessions aim to help attendees better regulate their nervous systems - grounding individuals in their bodies and breath. These services are designed to help combat the stresses and symptoms of a busy lifestyle.

Learn more about each, individual service below.

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A six-week course (6 hours total) that helps attendees establish and develop their own regular mindfulness practice. Side effects include improved resilience, emotional regulation, working memory, and focus.

Through guided meditations, group discussion, and by developing an at-home practice, this course aims to train the brain and form positive habits in its attendees.


Delivered both virtually (via video conference) and in-person to groups of 6 - 16 attendees.




Focusing on mindfulness, self-care, and feel-good fitness, our 30-minute to 1-hour yoga classes cover a variety of different practices (from gentle chair yoga to yoga HIIT) and suit those of all abilities. Luminate’s classes don’t focus on what positions we can or can't get into, but on making time to connect with ourselves and nurture both our physical and mental wellbeing.


Delivered virtually (via video conference) to groups of up to 100 attendees.

In-person delivery is possible, but face-to-face yoga classes are only available to purchase in blocks of 6 sessions. We can accommodate groups both large and small, depending on the space available at your workplace/venue.




Our 30-minute guided meditation sessions are hosted by a fully qualified, experienced mindfulness teacher and draw on various techniques that aim to help anchor participants in the present moment. Each session aims to build on the last, introducing new points of focus in each meditation.


Delivered virtually (via video conference) to groups of up to 100 attendees. Our 30-minute sessions involve a 20-minute meditation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.



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