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Eating for Energy and Productivity

How we eat throughout the day determines our performance. This affects everything we give our energy to; be it work, friends or family.

Raise your hand if you struggle with 3pm slumps or brain fog during the working day. This is not uncommon with, oftentimes, nutrition not being top of our agenda when grabbing something on the go.

In this webinar we aim to give you practical tools you can implement as soon as tomorrow to bring your A-game every day – whether you are looking to boost or stabilise your energy to support your performance.


Webinars/Seminars: 60-minutes (for groups of up to 100)
Workshops: 90-minutes (for groups of up to 16)


• Boosting energy through food
• How food effects our mood
• Nutrition-led sleep strategies
• Small, implementable changes you can make from tomorrow to eat optimally

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