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Counselling and Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little help with our wellbeing, and we’re here to provide just that, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Our counselling and coaching services are day-long blocks of one-to-one sessions where your people can talk about their wellbeing and receive tailored advice from one of our specialist counsellors or coaches.

Whether it’s a problem with stress, anxiety, sleep or your energy-levels, we’ll lend a supportive ear and offer some structured advice to help your people manage their mental health and achieve their wellness goals.


• Counselling
• Wellbeing coaching
• Nutrition coaching

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One-to-one sessions that help individuals manage their mental health and deal with any difficulties they’re facing in their work or personal life.


One-to-one sessions that help individuals achieve their life and wellness goals and equip them with practical tools to overcome challenges.


One-to-one sessions that help individuals with their nutrition, receiving tailored and practical advice to address any dietary challenges.



Sessions are available to purchase in 1-day blocks of back-to-back sessions.

• Nutrition coaching sessions last 30 mins
• Counselling and wellbeing coaching sessions last 50 minutes
-- For maximum benefit, we’d recommend a minimum of 4-6 sessions per employee, over a period of 2-6 months.



• Sessions are hosted live via zoom (or a similar platform)
• Employees can book in themselves sessions via our fully confidential bookings platform]



One of our Luminate’s experienced counsellors or coaches will set up in your workplace for the day, with staff able to drop in at their convenience.


Who is this service for?

This service is suitable for staff at all levels; for anyone who would benefit from receiving some one-on-one support or wellbeing advice.

We're always here to talk. Get in touch to learn more about Luminate's services. 
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