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Mindfulness: An introduction and beyond

A regular mindfulness practice can help improve our resilience, emotional regulation, working memory, ability to manage stress, and more.

Over the last 30 years, neuroscience and psychology have documented the wide-ranging benefits of learning to meditate. From improving attention span to soothing our nervous system, a regular mindfulness practice offers countless benefits that are advantageous in the workplace.

Luminate offers a range of sessions on mindfulness, to make this tool more accessible, to help your employees better manage stress, and to improve their overall sense of wellbeing:


In this session, we aim to demystify mindfulness and teach your team how they can develop their own practice and incorporate its positive effects into their everyday lives.


In this session, we look at deepening your team’s understanding of mindfulness, overcoming possible obstacles in their practices, and how it can be used as a tool to self-regulate.


In this session, we look at how we can shape our thinking to create a more optimistic and self-compassionate mindset, using mind management to reduce stress and feel happier.


Webinars/Seminars: 60-minutes  (for groups of up to 100)
Interactive workshops: 90-minutes  (for groups of up to 16)

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