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We are Luminate

A mental health consultancy, helping businesses create happier, healthier workplaces through bespoke wellbeing programmes.

We empower businesses to create environments in which employees can openly discuss their mental health and find genuine support. 

Luminate deliver wellness training and support suitable for staff at all levels, from preventative based wellbeing programmes alongside reactive care for employees. Our workshops cover a range of subjects, such as stress management, leadership wellbeing, building resilience and Mental Health First Aid.

Luminate's programmes can achieve seismic change - improving employee mental health, increasing productivity and engagement, reducing absence and helping retain and attract new talent. 

Join us in our mission.

To rewrite the story of mental health in the workplace.
Our Clients
Case Study
NHS Property Services case study: company-wide wellbeing
  NHS Property Services (NHS PS) are the facilities management arm of the UK National Health Service. Back in 2019, Luminate were commissioned to design and implement a company-wide wellbeing programme to serve their diverse employee base of office-workers, home-workers, and frontline staff. 3 years on and the Luminate x NHS Property Services partnership is […]
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    Our Resources
    Tuesday, May 28 2024
    Cultivating psychological safety: 6 simple strategies for managers
      Executives long believed that building the best teams meant combining the best people. But studies from Harvard Business School, Google, and countless other leading universities and think tanks all assert that another factor is responsible, or in fact fundamental, for building a successful team. That factor is psychological safety.   What is psychological safety? […]
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    Friday, April 26 2024
    Download your Mental Health Awareness Week poster!
      Download our Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 poster! Based on this year's theme, movement, it features 6 tips to get moving more at work. Physical activity (in whatever way’s possible – no one way to exercise or move is better than another if it works for you) is great for our bodies and our […]
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    Monday, March 4 2024
    Women, the workplace and gendered ageism
      Women are living and working longer. A fact that (provided the individual wants to stay in work) should be cause for celebration. However, a rise in ageist attitudes seems to coincide with the rising age of our population, with the UK found to be the most ageist country across a study of 20 countries. […]
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