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We are Luminate

A mental health consultancy, helping businesses create happier, healthier workplaces through bespoke wellbeing programmes.

We empower businesses to create environments in which employees can openly discuss their mental health and find genuine support. 

Luminate deliver wellness training and support suitable for staff at all levels, from preventative based wellbeing programmes alongside reactive care for employees. Our workshops cover a range of subjects, such as stress management, leadership wellbeing, building resilience and Mental Health First Aid.

Luminate's programmes can achieve seismic change - improving employee mental health, increasing productivity and engagement, reducing absence and helping retain and attract new talent. 

Join us in our mission.

To rewrite the story of mental health in the workplace.
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Case Study
Shangri-La at The Shard Case Study: Mental Health in Hospitality
  Unsociable hours. Difficult customers. 12-hour shifts. The pressure of a hot kitchen during service. The demanding nature of hospitality is well known. And - because of this - the need for improved employee wellbeing in within the industry almost goes without saying. Shangri-La at The Shard set a shining example in the area. ⭐️ […]
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    Monday, November 28 2022
    What is the role of self-care during the permacrisis?
      If you take one thing away from this article, let it be the reassurance that it’s normal not to be feeling your best right now, given the context we find ourselves in. Dubbed the permacrisis, this extended period of instability (in reference to COVID-19, the cost-of-living crisis, recession, climate change, war in mainland Europe, […]
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    Wednesday, November 23 2022
    How to: be a good listener
      Listening is half of every conversation. An often-underestimated skill, becoming a better listener is something we’re all capable of. For many of us, it can also make the prospect of conducting conversations about mental health much less intimidating, as we frame the conversation as an exercise in listening rather than talking. This article is […]
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    Thursday, November 10 2022
    Meet The Team: James Burke
      Luminate have a new addition! Introducing James Burke, our new Business Development Manager and, quite possibly, the most enthusiastic human you’ll ever meet! ☺️ Coming from a background in Functional Medicine and Performance Coaching, James has been working to optimise his clients’ physical and mental health for just over a decade and remains endlessly curious […]
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