Our Approach

A bespoke approach
to company wellbeing

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to employee mental health.
The factors that affect employee wellbeing differ between industries organisations, job-roles, and teams. That’s why we work with our clients to understand their challenges and to tailor our training to them; delivering maximum impact for employees and value for the organisation.

Luminate’s position as a small and dedicated team of experts allows us to be flexible and respond to the needs of businesses of all kinds, sizes, and budgets: offering bespoke programmes, guidance on strategy and policy, and referrals in instances where we think another provider might be the best fit.
WE Consult
It all starts with a conversation.

We work as a consultancy. By talking to you and getting to know your business, we build wellbeing programmes that uniquely fit the needs and ambitions of your team.

We’ve seen time and time again that the best results come from a tailored and personalised approach.

WE Deliver
Whether it’s just a single stress management session or a full-scale wellbeing program, our training is designed to get everyone emotionally invested in their individual and collective wellbeing.

Our sessions are grounded in behavioural science and psychology, drawing upon lived experiences, and including interactive elements to help embed learning.

We offer both in-person, virtual and on-demand learning, depending on your teams’ requirements.
WE Measure
Ensuring that our training hits the mark and provides real-world value is at the top of our agenda. 
We provide impact reports on all of our sessions and use this insight to inform next steps to keep driving your wellbeing agenda forward. 

Luminate work with organisations that are serious about achieving growth through positive change. Alongside working to improve company cultures, driving profitability is very much a by-product of the support we offer.
What they've said

Mel was kind enough to give up her time to work with some of our bright but vulnerable students. We have found that many of our students suffer from stress and anxiety, especially during exam periods. Mel planned a bespoke programme for our kids which was designed to help them manage their emotions when under pressure. The students explored ideas around resilience, happiness and mindfulness. Mel is so personable and her warmth and energy cracked some very difficult characters. The students were engaged and left with an understanding of things that were previously alien to them and the practical skills that they will be able to call upon during a very important time in their lives.

Mr Si AliAssistant Principal

Harris Academy Greenwich

What a fantastic session the Happiness & Motivation workshop was. It was inspiring and uplifting and really makes you sit back and think about how you are spending your time versus how you want to be spending your time. Each one of us took something away from it and our feedback has been great. The trainer Mel is very calming which helped put us all at ease. Would definitely recommend it for personal growth or motivation in the workplace.

Lauren HardingOccupational Health Manager


We ran a programme of workshops with Luminate in 2018. The workshops were informative, useful, punchy and to the point. We thought Mel was brilliant. She had an interesting and innovative way of presenting the information, she was very knowledgeable on the subjects and was able to provide additional advice and support to staff. After the sessions, many of our staff members sent us feedback on how useful and helpful the sessions were. We will be definitely running more sessions with Luminate. On a personal level, we found working with Mel easy and very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them.

Petya DimitHR Manager

Cambridge Judge Business School

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