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Drawing upon scientific research - into behavioural science, psychology and medicine - as well as proven philosophies around successful living, we create engaging and dynamic training programmes designed to get everyone emotionally invested in individual and collective success.
Good mental health doesn't start with the individual people who work with us - it starts with the environment we create for them. So that's where we start, too.
Working Environment
Environment is the foundation on which good mental health in the workplace is built. We'll help you to create the right environment to foster good mental health - from how you use workspace, to the company culture and management styles that will help build a happy and successful business.
Workplace Community
Humans naturally operate in social groups or tribes and having a sense of personal community is crucial to good mental health. Businesses are also built on communities - yet some are more conducive to mental wellbeing than others... 

We'll help you to build positive communities within your company through group activities, team building workshops and showing your managers how to instil a sense of community within their teams.
Individual Employees
Only if we get the environment and communities right can focus on giving employees the skills, knowledge, and confidence to cope with the challenges of modern work and life. 

Our workshops and mindfulness programmes are focused on giving individuals the tools to look after their health and wellbeing. We teach strategies for stress management, ways to build resilience and techniques to improve emotional intelligence.
Luminate work with organisations that are serious about achieving growth through positive change. We're not here to drive profitability, although that's very much a by-product of the support we offer. 

So whatever the size or structure of your business, if you're struggling to find the right approach to staff wellbeing and engagement internally, then we're the perfect partner for you.
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What they've said

Having worked with Luminate for various wellbeing initiatives it was a no brainer to ask them to deliver their mindfulness course to our employees. [...] They cover a range of mindfulness techniques so there is something for everyone and gaining insight into the theory behind such a fascinating concept really helped to highlight its importance and the positive impact it can have. I couldn’t recommend these sessions more highly for bringing something focused to the organisation which can benefit your employees.

Elyse LipmanHR Advisor

BNP Paribas Asset Management UK

Ryan [our facilitator] IS an inspirational speaker. He delivered the course with great passion, knowledge, kindness, and patience. I do not believe you can find a better instructor than him for this important matter. The team and I wish him all the best in his mission to reduce stigma around mental health and are right behind him and the MHFA.

MHFA course attendeeOpen course

July 2021

I really enjoyed the course and feel I now have quite a different view on mental health. Although some of the topics are extremely difficult, they were dealt with in as light hearted manner as was possible. Tricia [our facilitator] was very thorough, compassionate and explained everything in easy to understand terms. Thank you!

MHFA course attendeeOpen course

September 2021

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