Tom Parrish
Business Development Manager & Account Manager
Tom Parrish joined the Luminate team in June 2023. He takes a friendly, tailored approach to finding businesses' wellbeing solutions that really work for them, and really work for their people.

Tom's passion for mental health and wellness stems from when he started to experience anxiety and depression himself. After learning more about the subject and having some transformative life coaching sessions, Tom brought his passion for wellbeing into the workplace - becoming a key player in creating an atmosphere where colleagues could speak more freely about the subject in his previous role.

He joins Luminate after an 18-year media career where he worked in account management for 2 of the bigger media research companies. Alongside the media career, he had some side hustles to boot, including running punk rock DIY gigs, a mental health/music-based podcast, and freelance social media management.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys going to gigs, eating, napping, and spending time with his loved ones (especially his nieces and nephew).