Sophie Lockwood
Head of Facilitation & Client Services
A core part of the Luminate team, Sophie is not only an expert facilitator but oversees the delivery of Luminate's services from end-to-end.
Sophie's passion for wellbeing comes from her own experience of poor mental health and burnout, caused by high-pressure work environments where this was not at the top of the agenda. She knows first-hand the impact that both preventative and reactive wellbeing support can have to those experiencing mental health difficulty, and is passionate about equipping individuals and teams with the tools she didn't have to look after herself.
Sophie has worked in wellbeing roles for over a decade, having founded a university peer-to-peer support group for people struggling with a range of mental health difficulties and diagnoses. Like so many, Sophie has supported friends and loved ones through poor mental health, and appreciates how transformational it can be to receive support at the right time.
Sophie joined Luminate in 2019, at which point, she trained as a mindfulness teacher, a Mental Health First Aider, and a cognitive behavioural coach. Sophie is passionate about building every employee's personal wellbeing toolkit, and creating conversations around how we can support our colleagues more effectively.