Ryan Ridgway
MHFA Instructor and Facilitator
Ryan Ridgway is a passionate advocate for mental health, a speaker, an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Luminate facilitator.

Ryan uses his lived experience to educate others about mental health: struggling from a young age with distressing compulsive thoughts, which later gave way to depression, addiction and resulted in his planning suicide.

Since then, Ryan has learned how to manage his mental health through various support systems, outlets and proactive tools. These include teaching, sharing his story, boxing and MMA - in fact, Ryan has competed in two professional cage fights!

Ryan is extremely passionate about sharing his story and helping others on their wellbeing journey. He uses his lived experience to facilitate open and honest discussions and to help others feel more comfortable sharing their own stories around mental health and wellbeing. Whether it’s speaking at large events or running small group workshops, Ryan always brings a sense of compassion and enthusiasm to the shared learning experience.