Annie Ribbons
Senior Account Manager & Wellbeing Consultant
Annie Ribbons started her journey at Luminate in 2020 as a Training Coordinator and Yoga Instructor. Her own experience of (and recovery from) chronic anxiety and panic attacks led to a life-long interest in wellbeing and making mental health support accessible for all.

Annie loves helping teams of all shapes and sizes build tailored wellbeing programmes that make a real-world impact. She believes there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for wellbeing and enjoys the challenge of finding the right combination of training and support to meet specific team challenges.

Annie is also a certified yoga, relaxation and meditation instructor. While her nearly-one-year-old daughter is keeping her far too busy for teaching at present, she still enjoys her own practice and is a passionate believer in the benefits of breath work and mindful movement. 

Other interests include: tea, breakfast picnics, marmalade sandwiches and long walks with Sylvie the dog.