Andy Elwood
MHFA Instructor and Facilitator
Andy Elwood is an accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor, a facilitator, a mental health campaigner and has a background in health care - working as a paramedic for 18 years on a Search and Rescue helicopter.

He believes strongly that mental health deserves parity with physical health and focuses on sparking conversations around mental health, to encourage cultural change in this area. Andy is especially passionate about men’s mental health and has successfully raised awareness and funds for the Movember movement over many years through various eye-catching campaigns.

Andy has delivered a mental health workshop to HRH Duke of Cambridge and has been engaged as a speaker by organisations like the World Extreme Medicine Conference; the University of Cambridge Medical School; Scottish Mountain Rescue; The Emergency Services Show (NEC); Mind Blue Light Programme; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Deloitte and The Faraday Institution.

Andy now feels that focusing on mental health will save more lives than continuing to dangle under helicopters!