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Want to know a little more about how we do things here at Luminate? These are our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. 
Q - Can I book on a course as an individual?

Unfortunately, not. We work directly with organisations to run training and wellbeing activities in-house for their employees. The only course we offer that you can book on as an individual is our virtual, open Mental Health First Aid training. You can find details of upcoming MHFA courses on our Eventbrite page.

Q - Can we book a one-off workshop for our workplace?

Yes, of course! We understand you might want to dip your toe in the water initially to establish whether we’re the right fit for your organisation. There is no minimum package booking and we would be delighted to run a one-off session for your workplace.

Q - Can you deliver your sessions in our offices?

Yes. We are thrilled to be back delivering our work in person (as well as virtually) in your offices. We travel nationally and internationally to deliver our sessions.

Q - Are your sessions open to all levels of the organisation?

Yes. Our general wellbeing sessions are relevant to employees at any level. Ask us about our leadership series if you are looking for wellbeing sessions for management teams.


Q - What is the process of booking in a session?

We work really closely with you to make sure that individual sessions and bespoke programmes will hit the mark, so we usually start off with a conversation to hear more about what you’re hoping to schedule and when works for your team. From there, we will suggest trainer availability that suits the session(s) you’ve chosen, and then send over a simple order form for you to complete, which will secure your dates and your booking. If you want to talk to us about booking in a session or building a programme, you can get in touch with us here.


Q - How many people can attend a workshop or webinar?

For both virtual and in-person workshops - our 90 minute sessions - the maximum is 16 people. For virtual webinars - our 60 minute sessions - the maximum is 100 people (this can be extended for a small fee).  For in-person webinars, we can be flexible to your needs so please get in touch with us about your requirements.


Q - What languages can you deliver your training in?

We deliver our training in the English language. Unfortunately, we’re not able to deliver in any other languages just yet. 

Q - Can we record the virtual sessions you run for us?

Yes, we allow our sessions to be recorded and stored for up to two weeks after the date of the live session, free-of-charge. After this point, we ask for the recording to be deleted or you can extend the recording access for a small fee. 

Q - I want to run a session on a topic I can't see on your website. Can you create bespoke training?

Yes, we love creating bespoke training for organisations so do get in touch with your needs and we’d be happy to help.

Q - Can global teams join virtual sessions?

Yes, absolutely. Virtual training allows us to reach teams based in countries all over the globe and we love training your colleagues in other territories. 

Q - Are your sessions interactive?

Yes! We know that people learn best when they’re involved and engaged in the teaching, so all of our sessions involve interactive learning.

Haven't found what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to get in touch - we're happy to any and all of your questions!

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